West Ashley. 300 Albemarle Road. 556-3620

Episcopal prep school Porter-Gaud’s withstood major controversies to maintain their hold on Best Private School, and they continue to churn out quality graduates who go to Ivy League schools and make oodles of bank.

Among the most notables:

Stephen Colbert Hard news man for a major network

Shepard Fairey Artist behind the Andre the Giant OBEY stickers and stencils, did not graduate

Charles Waring Editor and publisher of the salmon-colored, highly relevant weekly Charleston Mercury

Stephen Schabel Falcon handler and mandolin picker with Flatt City bluegrass band (not an alcoholic)

Graham Eubank Son of a local car dealer, star of recent TV ads for Lowcountry Volkswagen and Mama’s Used Cars

Matt and Ted Lee Boiled peanut purveyors, cookbook authors, New York Times contributors

Richard Weld Manager of Gene’s Haufbrau in West Ashley, local musician with A Decent Animal

Sallie Krawcheck Former CFO for Citigroup, Inc., seventh most powerful woman in U.S. in 2004, according to her mother

Archibald Rutledge Dead poet with significant ancestry

Philip Estes Local teacher and punk rocker with Genrevolta and other bands

T. Ballard Lesemann Music editor for the Charleston City Paper, SWM taking applications

So they don’t all make oodles, but at $15,810 a year for tuition (kindergarten is a bargain at $12,115), P-G damn well better be the best.