Wayang Modern

Dec. 1, 2007. Simons Center for the Arts.

Geoffrey Cormier presented a unique, one-night-only performance of traditional Indonesian puppetry last year during the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art’s annual fund-raiser. Called Wayang Modern, Cormier and company offered three acts, including a retelling of a short story by James Purdy accompanied by original music composed and performed by the New Music Collective. But one act stands above the rest thanks to bloodcurdling screams. During “Who Does the Sun Shine For?” a young flower princess dances with her flower friends secure in the knowledge that the sun rises and the sun sets and all is well and good. They dance, they dance, they dance. And then bugs. Giant bugs. They attack. Flowers die. The sun goes dark. In other words, all is lost. The moral: Good things end and when they do, they end badly, not with a whimper but with lots of screaming flowers.