Richard’s Bar & Grill

2237 Hwy. 17. N. Mt. Pleasant

(843) 881-4861

In the same manner in which Jeff Foxworthy and his comedic cohorts use the term “redneck” — with a half-joking and loving embrace — we’ll deem Richard’s a fine and dandy redneck bar. There’s absolutely nothing frilly about the place. It’s a laid-back, neon-glowing roadhouse, just off the highway, right across from the entrance to Boone Hall Plantation. Drinkers of all types hang out by the small bar during the afternoon and late in the evening. Most of the walls are covered in stapled-up dollar bills signed by patrons, and decorated with Confederate battle flags, antique seines, casting nets, and black-and-white movie stills. The selection of country music in the popular jukebox is killer, too.