Lost Dog Café

106 W. Huron Ave. Folly Beach.

(843) 588-9669

Five days a week you wake up with barely enough time to brush your teeth before you head out the door. As you grab a granola bar, your furry buddy looks up at you with forlorn eyes, seeming to ask, “Are you really leaving me here, alone, all day, again?” You promise him you’ll go for a big run that night, but by the time you get home, you’re zonked, and pass out on the couch watching reruns of Scrubs. Fortunately, weekends are a different story (or any day of the week you find yourself liberated from employment). If you’re a dog, Folly Beach is the place to eat. At Lost Dog Café, your pooch can chill with you while you down mimosas on the porch, mingle with other dogs out front, and grab a complimentary doggie treat on the way out the door, guaranteeing they’ll continue to call you their best friend as well.