539 King St. Downtown.

(843) 853-3905


Maybe you’re short on cash, and all you can get is a card. Or you’ve got the perfect gift, and now you need the perfect card to go with it. Either way, you want to give them one that they’ll not only hang on the fridge, they’ll hang on to it for years. Lesesne offers a selection of stylish cards with pretty details for every occasion. And most are about the same price as what you’ll pick up at Wal-Mart. Besides the stationery, the shop has a cute collection of printed wrapping paper, which we learned most people buy just to frame because the patterns are so neat. Besides these artsy deals, Lesesne has other goods like candles, glassware, and toiletries, making it a fun little shop for browsing. And the shopkeeper’s architect husband will even craft you custom-made furniture.