Poe’s Tavern

Sullivan’s Island. 2210 Middle St. 883-0083

It’s been almost 180 years since the Waltham made her way into Charleston Harbor carrying the 18-year-old Edgar Allan Poe, recently enlisted under the name of Private Edgar A. Perry. The young poet and writer found himself stationed at Ft. Moultrie on the western tip of the island during a time when locals were obsessed with pirates and buried treasure, superstitions, city gossip, and social standing. Poe worked as a clerk for his officer, eventually earning a promotion to the rank of Sgt. Major. His time under the spindly palmettos played into such works as The Gold Bug, The Balloon Hoax, and The Oblong Box. It’s been said that on rare quiet evenings, locals can sometimes hear the ghost of the Virginia native tapping his fountain pen on the end of the long front-room bar near the big fireplace inside Poe’s Tavern … maybe he’s humming a Dan Lotti tune to himself and pondering the next stanza… or simply trying to figure out which of the 20 draft beers best suits his macabre legend.