Gerald’s Tires and Brakes

West Ashley. 1 Magnolia Road. 566-1910

Mt. Pleasant. 1635 Hwy. 17N. 971-1547

N. Charleston. 3900 Dorchester Road. 747-4011

N. Charleston. 9680 Dorchester Road. 851-7931

N. Charleston. 4900 Rivers Ave. 744-3285

N. Charleston. 5646 Rivers Ave. 747-2433

We all know it’s a great day at Gerald’s Tire and Brakes, a shop full of greasy, sweaty men attending to your vehicular needs with a smile from ear to ear. It’s what happens when it’s a bad day at Gerald’s that truly makes getting your tires changed such a pleasure. According to Josh Nygard, tire manager at Gerald’s in West Ashley, the friendly environment can be directly contributed to the relationships within the company. “These are the people that you see for 12 hours a day,” explains Nygard. “You get to know the people you work with really well. They become your family and your support system.” When asked where customer service stands on the list of company priorities, Nygard is quick to correct the generalization. “We are not in the tire business. We are in the customer service business.” Although Gerald’s has found success in television advertising, they still stand strong behind the old-fashioned word-of-mouth accolades. Winners for the previous ten years, Gerald’s mixture of precision and personality has made them a definite hit in the Lowcountry.