Palmetto Carriage Works

Downtown. 40 N. Market St. 723-8145

Palmetto Carriage is the red barn with mules. That’s been this tour company’s trademark since the 1970s. They were the first four-legged creature and buggy tour in Charleston, and they think tour guides are better dressed in white. If you ask tour guide Ed Heston why Palmetto Carriage will sometimes average 600 tourists on a busy summer day, he’ll tell you it’s how they treat their animals. Word gets around and reputation matters in this city, especially when it comes to horse-like creatures, and every employee there is quick to say they take care of their barn buddies. Heston’s favorite mule is Elvis. Elvis is a television star. He’s been in local furniture commercials. Heston says Elvis is old and grumpy like he is, and Heston’s been pointing at buildings, holding up traffic, and telling stories for 10 years now. Mules have a reputation for being stubborn, but they’re lovable, if you ask barn keeper Anna Ardis. They’re desert donkeys with a horse-like stature. Go visit Carter and Cash, Hit and Run, Thelma and Louise, or Ed and Whitney (those last two are tour guides, not mules) and show some love.