Gene’s Haufbrau

817 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.

(843) 225-4363

Gene’s Haufbrau’s rowdy little folkfest in the big tent is an annual hoot, replete with polka music and oompah bands, wurst-eating contests, old Charlestonians dressed in lederhosen and jäger hats, college cats, and plenty of Spaten Oktoberfest Bier. The malty, dark brown lager is strong stuff; its high content of alcohol may not bother anyone during the festivities, but it might the next morning. One highlight is the “Beer Wench” contest. Instead of pitting serving skills (with ladies holding several full-liter glass steins in each hand), it’s a plastic cup speed-drinking contest in front of the entire crowd. Whichever lady can drink three pints of Spaten the quickest wins the title of “Queen of Gene’s Oktoberfest.”