Vickery’s Cajun Popcorn

Vickery’s Bar & Grill. 1313 Shrimpboat Lane. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 884-4440

15 Beaufain St. Downtown. (843) 577-5300

Nicknamed for their popcorn-like shape and appearance, Vickery’s popular Cajun popcorn appetizer makes wonderful use of fresh crawfish tails. Shrimp lovers should try them … heck, any seafood lover should try them. Breaded with a house recipe, deep-fried to a golden brown, and served in a big pile alongside a flavorful jalapeño tartar sauce, these little things never last long at the table. A dash of salt, black pepper, hot sauce, or cocktail sauce bring out the Cajun flavors a bit — but the thirst-inducing, crunchy crawdad treats are terrific on their own.