High Cotton

199 East Bay St. Downtown.

(843) 724-3815.


In case you missed our spotlight on Chef Anthony Gray’s pork prowess in our winter edition of Dish, we decided to laud him again. Gray really works some charcuterie magic over at High Cotton, taking heirloom, South Carolina pork and turning it into prosciutto, pâté, bacon, head cheese, etc. The Butcher’s Plate always offers an all-star lineup of housemade delicacies, but if you are lucky enough to dine when the pig recently arrived you could enjoy a rarity like the pork porterhouse! And if they happen to be running their version of the classic Salad Lyonniase, order without hesitation. It features fresh, decadent pork belly with a poached farm egg, making it about the most “local” dish around town.