Forget Tyler Florence who came for last year’s Food + Wine Festival. We were stoked to see the bad boy of cuisine Anthony Bourdain roll into town a few months later to document Charleston for his irreverent travel show No Reservations. We tracked his movements for an entire weekend. Some eager staffers even staked out places where he was expected to show up (to no avail). Finally, through a circuitous route that included the Lee Brothers, who squired Bourdain around town to cocktail parties and oyster roasts, we were able to land an interview with the tall drink of water. We met at the Market Pavilion Bar, bought him some Grey Goose vodkas, and tried not to appear like drooling fans. It was fun. Unfortunately, his segment on Charleston wasn’t. Bourdain seems in his element when his exploring the jungles of Indonesia and the side streets of Tokyo, not so much the Confederate battlegrounds of the South. But it was cool for our little corner of the world to get the Bourdain treatment anyway.