Fleet Landing

Downtown. 186 Concord St. 722-8100

For a peninsular city, we sure do have a dearth of eateries with waterfront real estate. In fact, Fleet Landing is the only restaurant downtown that’s anywhere near the water. But boy, do they make up for that lack. Tradd and Weesie Newton took a big chance, renovating the abandoned Navy Fleet building that sat there unused for decades, sunk lots of time and money into the renovation, and opened two years ago.

The crisp, nautical feel, the whimsical touches, the rolling garage doors, and the ample waterside seating make this one hell of a place to sit and eat buckets of oysters, drink cool brews, and enjoy good food at reasonable prices. That’s right, reasonable prices in the best location on the Market. Being locals with a knowledge of the restaurant scene (Tradd ran McCrady’s for years), the Newtons knew just what we needed and wanted. Whether you’re entertaining out-of-town guests, having a relaxed lunch meeting, or needing a fast dinner, Fleet Landing is casual, quick, and good. Everything we want a waterfront restaurant to be.