Downtown. 167 East Bay St. 727-0111

One could drink a bottle of wine every night for 25 years here and never run out of juice — and that’s if they never restocked the bar. Not only do they sport the most interesting (and, frankly, outrageous) wine cellar in town, a two-story glass wall brimming with reds, they also have one of the largest overall collections, hovering at around 9,000 bottles, give or take a few. For patrons with enough money to spend, they will even take you into the case, where rare bottles slumber — some not even on the menu. Hard-to-find wines like the small production Pingus sit alongside more affordable labels — a fine bottle of Chateau Margaux will set you back only $800 or so. For those with shallow pockets, they serve a remarkably good selection by the glass. We suggest a bar table on the second floor, overlooking all those scrumptious bottles of vino in the glowing case opposite your perch.