Blue Turtle

Downtown. 69 Wentworth St. 723-4995

Best Yoga Studio wasn’t even a category until a few years ago. Today, over 500 students a week attend class at Blue Turtle to bend, stretch, and unblock stubborn chakras. They focus on Vinyasa yoga, meaning flow, which according to director Kelly Moore, is “meant to build strength, flexibility, and focus the mind.” Blue Turtle also offers hot yoga, chanting workshops, and sutra studies. “When we first opened, a lot of people were coming over from the gym, and you don’t want to send them running,” says Moore. “Now we can be a little more creative, bringing in more of the yogic tradition.” Winter is the “hella busy” time of year at Blue Turtle, says Moore, but with 28 varied classes each week and a Mt. Pleasant studio opening in March, there’s a class for everyone, from the “can’t touch my toes” set to the “both feet behind my head” crew.