[image-1]Crocodile rockin’ King Street

When strings are pulled to divert traffic from a couple of blocks of King Street, you expect excitement. The chilly, overcast weather was a harbinger of last Monday’s third annual Lacoste Fashion Show which kicked off the Family Circle Cup in style … until one frantic socialite wannabe broke free from the loosely packed crowd. She full-on tackled the winner of the Ultimate Fashion Getaway contest, Will Bailey. Scratching and screaming as she clawed him to the ground, beating him with her clutch, it was evident someone else really wanted to attend Fashion Week in Bryant Park, courtesy of Lacoste. It was her golden ticket, not his. Stunned, Bob Siegel dropped his microphone, Mayor Riley looked on with dropped jaw, and the frozen crowd gasped behind their oversized sunglasses. I WISH! Instead predictable tennis fashions draped local College of Charleston student models, as they also showcased adorable doggies up for adoption through Pet Helpers. People clapped, music was played, spray-on tan was evident, and dreams of hanging out in crowded tents at Bryant Park were crushed. —Svetlana Minx