[image-1]Ever since vegan donut provider Diggity Donuts closed up shop after selling to Nana’s (which inevitably closed), finding a guilt-free sweet in this town has been like trying to find logic in a Trump tweet. But Bib.On, Anne Caroline Bethea’s donut biz, is bringing health-conscious circular sweets back to the city.

Bethea began offering her colorful baked donuts in Charleston a year ago, after leaving a long career with Ralph Lauren in New York City. What started as a side hustle delivering organic meals to New Yorkers, evolved into a pastry business when the Conway, S.C. native decided to move back to Charleston.

Her passion for eating clean and desire to provide those with food sensitivities dessert led Bethea to craft her soy, nut, egg, dairy, and gluten-free Bib.On. donuts.

“I decided to perfect a recipe and scoured the internet, studying recipe after recipe and testing. I formulated this one,” she says.

The taste? Pretty damn good. Bib.On’s donuts have the classic cake donut texture without the cloying sweetness.

That’s likely due to Bethea’s use of Bob’s Red Mill bean flour and apple sauce to make her vanilla cinnamon, peach, confetti, chocolate samoas, and her wildly popular blueberry and lemon confections.

You can find them at Basic Kitchen, Skinny Dip, and Beech or you can order them on her site at bibonmeals.com for half dozen for $21 and a dozen for $42.