Before the Democratic debate in Charleston in 2007, Biden took some time out for a little press event with Force Protection’s heavy machinery.

“This isn’t a press conference to get press, this is a press conference to save lives,” Biden says.

If our soldiers aren’t filing out of Iraq, Biden said it’s time to spend the extra money to make sure they are properly protected. Biden said the military has been calling for better vehicles for years and two companies building better military vehicles are located here in Charleston, including Force Protection. The high-profile local company had one of their vehicles, “The Buffalo,” featured in The Transformers.

Biden says that he’s heard excuses from others in Congress that the companies won’t have the resources to produce what’s needed or that the vehicles aren’t perfect, to which he argued that the companies will do what it takes to get the job done and that we’re wasting more than time if we wait for the perfect vehicle — we’re also waisting lives.

“What I can’t live with is people coming home in body bags,” Biden said.