Also early in our blogging, I posted all the extras from my (understandably long) talk with Biden.

On his fame or lack thereof, Biden thanked the crowd for coming out: “You must be hardcore Democrats to be listening to this guy from Delaware, and you don’t know who the hell he is.”

And he made one comment that appeared to be targeted at likely front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York): “I can run here and not be a burden on a ticket here.”

My favorite:

And on TV: The man doesn’t watch much TV. The West Wing is his favorite (I know, it sounds so cliché, but hey, a show about big-city reporters would probably be my favorite too). He said his wife likes that show “where all the girls like that good looking doctor.”

“McDreamy?” I ask.

“What?” he says, scrunching his face as if I just rattled off a fast food desert.

Grey’s Anatomy?”

“Yeah, Grey’s Anatomy.”

I’m going to get sooo much more traction on that story.