City Paper featured Charlottesville, Vir.-based rock quintet Sons of Bill in the music section this week as the band headed to the Windjammer on the IOP for a set on Thurs. Aug. 6. Led by singer/guitarist James Wilson, the band played to one of their biggest local turn-outs yet. The band recently released a 12-song album titled One Town Away.

City Paper classifieds account exec Shelby Tamres was there:

“The Sons of Bill show at the Windjammer on was a blast,” Tamres reported on Friday. “I don’t think I’ve seen the place as packed as it was on a Thursday night. They played Charleston, and it seemed like everyone was singing along ­— but no ‘jean skirt jezebel’ song. Most of the Windjammer staff that wasn’t working was at the show. There was even the requisite ‘that guy’ — wasted, stepping on people, dancing like a loon, pumping his arm in the air … when he could stand up straight.”