City Paper featured Cowboy Mouth and Junior Brown — the two main acts in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Tour — in the music section last week as the bands headed to the Windjammer on the IOP for a set on Thurs. Jan. 28. City Paper classifieds account exec Shelby Tamres was there:

“I was glad I got to the Windjammer to hear the entire Junior Brown set. It was amazing. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard him before. He is an old-school classic that won’t ever go out of style … made me think, for some reason, of Johnny Cash. The “guitsteel” was such an interesting instrument to watch someone play. It allowed him to fuse a variety of musical styles into cohesive songs. Brown got really into the music. He kept closing his eyes while playing, and making some intense facial expressions. He ended his set by saying, “It’s not goodbye, its aloha, and I’ll see you again.” I liked that; you can bet that I will be seeing him again.

Cowboy Mouth was the fun, high-energy, dance-your-ass-off party that we’ve come to expect and love. The floor of the Windjammer was shaking. Fred LeBlanc — the cheerleader, puppetmaster, and center of attention — made sure that the audience sang along, jumped when asked, and got a little closer to the stage. He broke up an almost fight (pretty smoothly). He waxed poetic about New Orleans with many of their songs about the city and props to the Saints in the Superbowl.

Guitarist John Thomas Griffith, bassist Regina Zemay, and guitarist Jonathan Pretus were solid. John Thomas sang quite a few songs- more than past shows. Some people came prepared with red spoons in hand (unfortunately, they pelted Fred in the face). Toward the end of the show, Fred invited a kid on stage to play a drum. He told the story that the kid was conceived after a Cowboy Mouth show at the Windjammer, and made the kids slightly uncomfortable in a quick birds-and-the-bees discussion. The kid will surely remember it forever, but I have to say it wasn’t as cool as when he had lil’ Bobby Ross come on stage over the summer to play drums.”