Both Bay Street Biergarten on East Bay Street and Mellow Mushroom in Summerville had seriously big first weekends.

The Biergarten opened on Sunday, Oct. 27 and quickly sold out of food. The following weekend, crowds were lined up waiting to get in for Friday night happy hour and the pace has not relented.

Laura Patrick with her business partners Greg Pierdon and Ryan Workman started working on Bay Street Biergarten when Patrick noticed, “We’re all such huge beer fans and Charleston is a big beer town, but we noticed that in spite of that, the area was missing a place with that communal feel you see in a traditional biergarten.”

Apparently Charlestonians felt the same way and lined up in the parking lot to get in. Patrick says, “We certainly didn’t expect to hit capacity for the past 11 days. And we didn’t expect 500 people coming in for brunch at the same time. We ran out of brunch and we were dangerously close to running out of kegs … I think it was pretty much the perfect storm of three football games going on, it being our opening weekend, and us being underprepared.”

Bay Street Biergarten has taken measures to fix the problem so they won’t have the same issue this weekend, “We’ve reduced our brunch options, and we’ll serve our full menu starting at 11 a.m. that way there’s no turnover problem.” says Patrick.

Mellow Mushroom opened on Oct. 28 in Summerville and broke records in the Mellow Mushroom chain with the biggest opening in history. They released a photograph of eager Summervillians lined up down the block, waiting to get inside the funky new Flowertown restaurant. 


This weekend (Nov. 8) it’s the Bohemian Bull’s turn to deal with the crush. The James Island restaurant opened yesterday and were dealing with big crowds for lunch today. We expect that to continue through the weekend.

Have you been to one of these places yet? Chime in below and let us know about your experience.