For some, the thought of Bike to Work day conjured up images of sweaty, spandex clad co-workers leaning against the office water cooler. The organizers of Charleston Cycle Chic sensed the need for a better endorsement for biking around town. The first Cycle Chic Ride was held on Friday from noon to 1 p.m., and drew an enthusiastic crowd of 50 gals and a few intrepid fellas. Marion Square served as the meeting point and starting line of the three-mile ride that traced down King Street, along the Battery to East Bay, and back across Calhoun Street. The event’s aim was to demonstrate that biking around town can be a stylish affair. The flowing skirts, strappy pumps, and billowy scarves that adorned cyclists were a fitting expression of pedaling panache. The one spot for future improvement was observed by Charleston Moves founder Tom Bradford, who noted a lack of helmets. Now if only they made those suckers to resemble straw fedoras. See the photo gallery here. —Angela Hanyak