If it was a pep rally people were coming for Monday when they saw former President Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, at Trident Tech, they didn’t get it.

“I want to just talk today, if I could, not give a big whoop-tee-do political speech,” he told the crowd. “I think this is a time when we all need to be thinking.”

There was a lot of “this is important” and “this is serious,” signaling that we are, in fact, heading close to the home stretch.

He said we’ve got to get out of Iraq responsibly and restore our standing in the world. Our military is also overextended, with Navy reservists training in Army tactics.

“If we’re using the reserve reserves, we’re in for a world of hurt,” he said.

Healthcare and the growing wealth disparity are priorities for Hillary, along with putting money into pre-K, classroom best practices, and universal access to a college education.

The president through years of economic growth, Clinton said that the current administration has ignored a tremendous resource.

“We walked away from the most productive source of new jobs we’ve had since we mobilized for World War II, and that is serious commitment to a clean, independent, efficient energy future,” he said.

The campaign event spotlighted what has frustrated other campaigns: the two-for-one analogy the Clinton camp likely wants to infer, but not exactly confirm. Other wives stump for their candidate, but when Clinton talks about paying attention to Turkey and reducing foreign debt, he adds authority other campaigns can’t hope to match.