Slow news day yesterday over at the P&C? It would seem so. Despite last night’s first Republican presidential debate, the S.C. General Assembly being in session, wildfires in Georgia smoking out Charlestonians yesterday, the U.S. House voting to include gays in hate-crime legislation, a major drought in progress, and the ever imminent collapse of Western Civilization, what do they run on page A1 — above the fold? A feature from reporter Brian Hicks about cellphone ringtones and what they say about people.

An article about the debate is buried in page 2AA. Gays and hate crime legislation? 2A. Yesterday’s crazy haze? Hidden away in a corner at 3B. Decline of Western Civ? Front and center. Ringtones would be perfect for the P&C’s Friday Style section … except they deep-sixed their Style section a few weeks ago, replacing it with, apparently, anything that has to do with the number five (‘cause the alliteration with “Friday” is so nice, see?)

Hicks’ hard-hitting article is accompanied by Billboard’s top ringtones. The feature’s money quote:

Katheryn Reina’s … phone plays John Mayer’s ‘Waiting for the World To Change.’ Well, is she waiting?

‘Kinda,’ she says.”

Wow. Just … wow.