Adopted Charlestonian, golf fashion enthusiast, and karaoke aficionado Bill Murray took the field during a rec league kickball game last week in New York City. According to Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog, Murray crashed the Roosevelt Island adult kickball game Saturday afternoon, joining the team in the game for a bit, and… acted like the Bill Murray we’re all familiar with.

After a few high-fives and photos, Murray vanished with his sons as fast as he showed up, but not before’s Marina Cockenberg snapped a shot and posted it to her Tumblr.

The whirlwind appearance is pretty standard for the actor who calls downtown Charleston home, is frequently sighted at area bars, and is a staple at Riverdogs games, where he’s a partial owner of the team and full-time mischief-maker. Heck, he even appeared on the cover of City Paper’s Best Of issue last year.