Bill Murray may be the most unlikely fighter in the war against the War Against Christmas. But in the newest trailer for the upcoming holiday special, “A Very Murray Christmas,” Murray is determined that his over-the-top New York Christmas extravaganza must go on.

Netflix has been teasing the streaming special since the summer and we’ve definitely gotten our fill of Murray this week with “Parts Unknown” … Ah, who are we kidding? There’s no such thing as too much Murray.

Even though natural forces may be working against ol’ Bill, closing down airports, trains, and city streets on the eve of his big holiday production, a slew of unnatural forces seem to be helping make his Christmas happen. I mean, Chris Rock doesn’t just hop on stage with anyone. In addition to Rock and Murray, you’ll find enough star-power for a ‘Hallelujah Chorus’: Shaffer, Cyrus, Schwartzman, Poehler, Rudolph, Jones, and Cera. Oh yea, and Clooney. Check your neighborhood Netflix subscription on December 4 for “A Very Murray Christmas.”

Bonus track: Pitchfork reports that Murray recorded a Christmas single with French synth-pop band Phoenix, also set to be released on December 4. Former ‘Late Show’ bandleader Paul Shaffer and Jason Schwartzman also worked on the track.