Bill Murray is an unpredictable one, an enigma. He seems to shun the limelight, but yet, he doesn’t disappoint his fan club. Fresh off a summer of dishing out marital advice to a bachelor and popping up in a couple’s engagement photo shoot, Murray has done it again. This time, he attended an ice cream social out in L.A.

According to E! Online, the owner of CVT Soft Serve ice cream truck invited Murray, as well as the film crew (we’re not sure what film exactly, but People magazine says its Rock the Kasbah) and neighbors, to his truck for some free ice cream when he heard they were filming in the area.

And as you can see for yourself good ol’ Bill couldn’t resist some ice cream.
Who knows where he’ll pop-up next, but he’s quickly becoming the new Carmen Sandiego. Sadly, “Where in the world is Bill Murray?” doesn’t have the same ring.