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Biscuit Bae owner Jobeth Massey knows there isn’t a shortage of high-quality biscuits in Charleston. That’s why she’s setting herself apart, adding whimsical, seasonal touches to her handmade, three-ingredient buttermilk biscuits, which she delivers to folks all over the Lowcountry by the dozen. 

Biscuit Bae owner Jobeth Massey’s quiet hobby turned into a bustling business

“I started selling a strawberry and then also a blueberry biscuit this spring, and those two have been great hits,” Massey said. “I use fresh fruit that I freeze, and they have a coordinating glaze. Really just highlighting the ingredients and thinking a little outside the box.” 

Like many, Massey turned to baking during the pandemic — her family owned a Beaufort restaurant called Shoofly Kitchen when she was a kid, so cooking has been in the family, the College of Charleston graduate said. 

“Both of my parents are excellent chefs. My mom focused on the baked goods, and my dad was just a great cook,” she said. 

“Obviously with COVID, a lot of people started exploring their hobbies and ways to relieve stress,” she said. “I’ve been making biscuits forever now — I just started making biscuits honestly just to have something to do. It was a peaceful thing to do with my hands.”  

The quiet at-home hobby turned into a small business, thanks in part to a nudge from her sister, in November 2020. Massey started small but quickly added variety to her offering with options like “Everything but the Bagel,” a generously seasoned sliced biscuit with cream cheese shmear in the middle. 

“I started with just a basic buttermilk biscuit — it’s just three ingredients — you just have to kind of know what you’re doing,” Massey said, describing some of her other specialty flavors. “I did what I’m calling a ‘YOLO’ biscuit, and that has sugar, vanilla mascarpone and sprinkles, so that’s a lot of fun.” 

Maple brown sugar, herbs de Provence and harissa are some of the other Biscuit Bae biscuits Massey has crafted since launching her business, which has outgrown her Park Circle home. Massey now bakes all the biscuits at Neighbors Commissary Kitchen in North Charleston before delivering them throughout Charleston, and she’s planning to add a pick-up option soon. 

Moving forward, she plans to offer six standard flavors and one seasonal offering, each of which start with the OG biscuit recipe she perfected during quarantine. 

“It’s kind of a combination of a lot of different techniques that I’ve seen, and then just growing up in the kitchen with my mom and learning to work with different types of dough,” said Massey, describing what sets her biscuits apart. “I started this as a side hustle in the fall — it’s been really well received.” 

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