As all good Millennials know, a space is not a proper place until a well-watered houseplant finds its spot on a mid-century modern wooden table.


We jest, but really, houseplants are not only aesthetically pleasing accessories, they also bring the outside in, with certain species capable of reducing pollutants. Local green thumb and houseplant enthusiast Bj Stadelman, owner of Charleston’s only mobile plant shop, Haegur, was featured yesterday on Apartment Therapy.

Stadelman’s 1,723 square foot downtown rental house is, not surprisingly, filled (tastefully) to the brim with plants. We’re talking wall plants, potted plants — even ceiling plants. In the article Stadelman describes his style as “muted folky boho” drawing inspiration from arboretums and conservatories, “I’m basically trying to live in a tree house.”

In addition to his open floor plan, clean lines, and plants aplenty, Stadelman’s house also features local art by Carrie Beth Waghorn, his grandfather’s antique Swiss clock, his grandmother’s antique chest, Proud Mary textiles, and some refinished “street finds.”

Want to make your apartment or home half as cool as Stadelman’s? He advises that “A beautiful home is so easily attainable. I find my friends and guests ask most about pieces I refinished, thrifted, or found over pieces I style from big box stores. Those ‘cheap finds’ are worth way more when you spend some time with them, making them perfect. Most of my plant knowledge has come from trial and error. Don’t be discouraged by loss — shit happens.”