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Black Food Fridays founder KJ Kearney is teaming up with Washington, D.C.-based food blogger Anela Malik, to produce the Fix Your Plate podcast. Kearney and Malik will invite guests to join them on most episodes of the podcast and plan to “discuss food from a Black perspective.”   

“We’re not going to just talk about Black food, and we’re not only going to talk to Black people,” Kearney said in Fix Your Plate’s introduction. “We’re definitely going to fold in all our unique perspectives into this wide ranging industry that is food.”

Fix Your Plate is being produced by the Eat Drink and Dine Podcast Network, whose portfolio includes podcasts like Kitchen Confidante and Side Dish. During episode one, Kearney and Malik introduced themselves, the podcast and shared more about the topics they plan to tackle on future episodes. 

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“Our goal is to eventually become one of the flagship programs of this network,” said Kearney, adding that they “hope to present different perspectives through the food space.” 

But, not all of Kearney and Malik’s guests will be from the food world — on episode two, the duo hosted a D.C.-based digital artist/activist to discuss online bullying and hatred.  

“I think having that topic be episode two, I think that gives people a quick understanding that we are not immune to the ills of the world,” Kearney said. “We wanted to start off our tenure together with sort of a sobering topic.” 

On the latest episode of Fix Your Plate, Kearney and Malik hosted Brooklyn-based chef and former Shark Tank contestant Jumoke Jackson for a discussion about vegan food. 

Episodes 1-4 of Fix Your Plate are now available on podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube