Ron Paul has a race problem.

I don’t mean that he hates black people or has ever uttered an ill word about them, as many believe.

Paul’s problem has been and always will be that he refuses to tell the American people who wrote the series of inflammatory and often conspiracy-minded newsletters which have allowed the media and his opponents to label him a racist.

Now, Paul could fix this problem and just throw the offending party under the bus, but he won’t do it for reasons that aren’t exactly clear, although it’s widely known that the Texas Congressman is widely popular with neo-Confederates, secessionists, Neo-Nazis, and the Alex Jones-Truther crowd. (And if you haven’t heard, everybody that’s anybody already knows who wrote the newsletters.)

If he did, then the pro-Paul forces wouldn’t feel compelled to put together videos like the one below. Make of it what you will.

Oh. And for the record, I will likely vote for Ron Paul on Saturday because I support his brand of truly fiscally conservative politics, his stop-dicking-around-in-the-Middle-East foreign policy, and his belief that the seed should be freed from the shackles of our nation’s misguided war on drugs.