I love to hear educated people I know talk about how much they hate the Tea Party, and yet they know zero about it and what it stands for. They get there news from the daily show and actually believe everything John Stewart says is correct. It’s just funny how threatened everyone is of the Tea Party, they try to write them off as extremist idiots. If that were true then I don’t think there would be so much attention given to them in the first place. Dems spend a lot of time and money trying to degrade the Tea Party and what it stands for, in my opinion they stand for preserving our union. The Liberal utopia people want and thought they were voting for with Obama is not realistic and could never work in America or anywhere else for very long. I don’t see how people can use Europe as a model for the government we need here. Europe has and always be in turmoil and that’s just a realistic opinion by me. By the way I am not a Tea Party member and barely a conservative, but I am convinced the Democrat utopia can never happen.