• What is this guy doing? According to police, business owners at 145 King St. showed up on the morning of July 30 and found a lot of stuff missing from their offices: two Macbook Pro laptops, three Blackberry phones, a $2,500 Gucci letter opener, and eight Powerbars (estimated value: $16), among other things. They also found five holes kicked through the drywall in one office, but no signs of forced entry. The guy in the blue shirt in this surveillance freeze-frame is a suspect, but police announced last week that they need help identifying him. Know of any guys who like making fist-boobs?

• A Department of Defense employee’s car got wrecked this morning when a barrier hit his car. No, you didn’t misread that. According to The Post and Courier, officials at Joint Base Charleston were testing out the pop-up security gate on Tank Road at 5:44 a.m. when the barrier shot out of the ground, hit the front bumper of a car, and shoved the engine up into the hood. The driver maintained consciousness but was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

• While spectators waited 40 minutes for Michele Bachmann to arrive at Patriots Point for a stump speech on Friday, an emcee rose to the microphone to keep the excitement going. But when several people pulled out umbrellas to shield their necks from the punishing afternoon sun, he asked them politely to put them away (Bachmann is not a tall woman, and the umbrellas could have eclipsed her when she arrived). One spectator down in front either ignored or did not hear the request, and the emcee asked people standing next to her to tell her to fold the thing up. When she finally complied, the emcee asked for a round of applause and got it.

• While we’re on the topic of Minnesota’s favorite hell-raiser: Corey Hutchins of Columbia’s Free Times reported that Bachmann, an outspoken critic of wasteful government spending, hired a director for her South Carolina campaign who has been receiving federal money for years. Her name is Sheri Few, and she makes her living as director of the abstinence-only nonprofit organization S.C. Parents Involved in Education, which snatched up more $2.2 million in federal tax money from 2005 to 2007. When Hutchins asked Few about the incongruity between her source of income and her support for an anti-big-government candidate, Few said, “Oh, that’s so crazy.”