CAN’T TAKE CRITICISM DEPT.: After Post and Courier reporter Renee Dudley wrote an exposé last week on Gov. Nikki Haley’s recent $127,000 European romp, which was ostensibly about job creation but yielded no actual jobs, Haley responded via conservative radio talk host Laura Ingraham’s program, saying, “All I will tell you is, God bless that little girl at The Post and Courier. Her job is to create conflict; my job is to create jobs.” When P&C columnist Melanie Balog fired back, calling Haley out for stooping “to a condescending, catty low,” Haley issued an apology … sort of. ““Everyone can have a bad day,” the governor said. “I’ll forgive her bad story, if she’ll forgive my poor choice of words.”

MAKING A BUCK OFF OF 9/11 DEPT.: Rolling as we do in some classy Internet circles, we at the City Paper find ourselves on some fascinating e-mailing lists. Among the folks from whom we get regular news updates: Rick Santorum, Log Cabin Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger (look him up), the National Automatic Merchandising Association (translation: people who sell vending machines), and even an anti-Catholic Freemason-conspiracy-theorist pro-life activist. But little could prepare us for this nugget that came across the digital desk: The makers of IonLoop bracelets — plastic bracelets with magnets in them — emblazoned their product with an American flag and sent one to each of 12 American golfers in the Walker Cup Tournament so they could wear them on Sept. 10 and 11. Here’s the phrasing from the press release:

Activities ranging from competing under the energy-draining UV rays of the sun, to sitting in front of computer monitors daily, expose us to fatigue producing positive ions. By wearing these patriotic flag bracelets, the U.S. team may prolong their high level performance by neutralizing positive ions—which will bring them closer to their goal of bringing home their third straight Walker Cup!

No word yet on whether the team actually wore the bracelets, but if they did, they didn’t work. Britain and Ireland took the Cup back from the Americans for the first time since 2003.