• On Friday, the Citadel’s alumni association unveiled a new statue near the gateway to the campus: a 6-foot-tall, 3,000-pound bronze replica of a class ring. “I believe the ring statue will be a daily reminder for all cadets of their goal of earning the right to wear the Citadel ring and ultimately their Citadel diploma,” says Jason Cline, an alumnus whose company, Palmetto Balfour, sells the rings to the school and donated the statue. Hey, if this works, maybe some of our dropout-prone high schools should consider installing humongous class ring statues too.

• Gov. Nikki Haley plans to spend Thursday at a hunt club in Wilmington, Del., raising money for the Delaware GOP. Haley will be the guest of honor and keynote speaker at a $175-a-ticket event called the Salute at Vicmead. Delaware GOP Chairman John Sigler is calling the soiree “one of the more exciting events of its kind in recent history.” Maybe she’ll bring a big-tent revival to the conservative cause in Liberal Land, which has languished in recent years.

• While waiting in the lobby at the Charleston Police Department headquarters recently, a woman received a text message on her cell phone. Her ringtone? The sound of a firing shotgun. A friend fussed at her to silence the phone, but she laughed and left it on. She received several more text messages, causing a few nearby police cadets to jump each time.

• Someone who claims to own two homes worth a million dollars, five cars, six ATVs, a trailer, and a boat stirred up a skirmish in the class war on Saturday when he proudly declared himself “the 1%” on an Occupy Wall Street message board. He wrote, “Guess what, I worked for it. Took risks and they paid off. Chalk one up for capitalism!” And guess what? He got called a Nazi. Reductio ad Hitlerum.