• What better place to thumb your nose at the forces of nature than the brave, tacky world of social media? Hurricane Irene spawned some truly tasteless attempts at humor, including this one:

Last week’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake in Virginia was felt all the way down here, and in its aftermath, some wannabe pundits tried to make sense of it. Within an hour after the quake last Tuesday, listeners were calling in to the Radio Free Rocky D talk show on radio station WTMA with their theories. One caller said, “I thought it was the Holy Spirit reminding everybody to behave.” Rocky himself had this to say, after making some vaguely Nobama comments: “Society’s falling apart, and God is saying, ‘Are you paying attention now?'”

• Rounding out a week of ignorant commentary, anonymous posters flocked to Adam Parker’s excellent story about a homeless family in this morning’s Post and Courier, with comments running the gamut from simply uninformed to basically racist. One commenter was quick to point out that one of the homeless children had a cell phone. There were non-sequitirs about undocumented immigrants, detailed critiques of the mother’s life choices, and, somehow, a jab at Ohio (I am not making this up). Eventually, a few commenters fought back and dropped some knowledge on those fools: