Bill_tApparently last night while I was being shaken up by the SFO at Gaillard Auditorium, audiences at the Sottile Theatre were getting rattled by Bill T. Jones. The skinny from several sources suggests that following the performance of Jones’ work Blind Date, one audience member objected to the politically charged anti-war work by booing loudly from the mezzanine. When Jones rushed onstage and demanded to know who’d been booing, a hot exchange between the two went down, with Jones insisting the man come down to the stage and explain himself. The man refused, but, according to people in the audience, told Jones he didn’t care for either the quality of the work or its subject matter. Jones then responded by shouting, “You booed me because of my politics and not my art. I’ll stay out of your politics if you stay out of my art.”

City Paper scenester Ida Becker has an account here, and the P&C’s Dottie Ashley has it here. It’s no Mabou Mines Dollhouse controversy, but it’s the best we’ve got so far this year. I’m seeing Bill T. Jones’ Blind Date tonight, so it’ll be intriguing to learn whether audiences in one of the most polite cities in the U.S. come prepared to heckle and caw after hearing about the incident today.