Three days ago, The Post and Courier reported that state
Rep. Nikki Haley was leading her three male rivals for the
GOP gubernatorial nomination.

With the June 8 primary drawing near, one of those rivals
has apparently decided to drop the A-bomb on Haley. In
this case, the A stands for adultery and the other partner
in this affair is the maniacally egotistical blogger of Columbia’s
FitsNews and former Mark Sanford press spokesman Will Folks.

Folkes came clean with the whole story this morning on his blog.
Read it here:

So it looks like another member of the Family Values Party gets caught with
his zipper open — and in Nikki’s case, with her skirt up! The
GOPers used to pull this dirty crap on Democrats. Now they pull
it on each other. They are truly eating their own and deserve what-
ever happens to them in November. Will South Carolina voters be
smart enough to put out this corrupt and bankrupt party?