There are gems in the deposition of Mayor Bloomberg regarding the defamation suit filed by a Berekely gun shop owner who claims Bloomberg defamed him in public comments after a sting operation targeting his shop.

Q Are you going to run for President?

MR. TABER: Objection. You’re asking him that question when, as of today?

Q Mayor, do you understand the question?

MR. TABER: Well, if the question is a question, Mr. Pierce, as of today, I don’t believe that it’s relevant.

MR. KAHN: Mr. Taber, under our South Carolina rules, in re “In the Matter of an Anonymous Member of the South Carolina Bar, 552 S.E. 2nd 10 — I’m going to hand you a copy, which you’re welcome to read — under our South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, basically anything other than an objection to the form of the  question is inappropriate. Please take your time to read it. You can object to the form.

MR. PIERCE: Okay. Why don’t we go ahead and ask the whole range of questions, and you can continue to instruct you witness. Sorry, Mayor, lawyers being lawyers.


Q Are you intending to run for President today as we sit here?

MR. TABER: Instruction not to answer.

Q All right. Are you — were you —

MR. TABER: Objection and instruction not to answer.

Q Were you intending to run for President at the time you formed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns?

MR. TABER: Okay, just for clarification, that’s an event that precedes May of 2006, correct, Counsel?

MR. PIERCE: You are not allowed to do this. But he knows when it was formed.

MR. TABER: If that be the case, then the Mayor may answer the question.

[BLOOMBERG:] I was not planning to run for President then.