The Blotter is taken from reports from the City of Charleston police department. We’ve added a cartoon and a little commentary. We’ve added a little humor, too. No one has been found guilty. This is not a court of law.

Blotter Quote O’The Week: “Y’all can’t prove it,” said by a woman to a cop on a cell phone she allegedly stole. The cop then told her that if she didn’t give it back, she would be arrested, to which she responded, “I hope you run fast.”

Someone stole a baby stroller from a South Battery driveway on Halloween that included a plastic pumpkin filled with candy. What’s better than stealing candy from a baby? Stealing candy from a really rich baby.

A man told cops on Nov. 1 that a woman giving him a ride struck him in the face and scratched his chest before forcing him out of her car and driving away after he started smoking a cigarette. Looks like somebody works for the American Lung Association.

On Oct. 2, a woman got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend over the phone. She then drove to his West Ashley home, banged on the rear window, bending the screen, and proceeded to pull out the patio and lawn lights before driving away. See, Ty, all home makeovers are from the heart.

When a cop, responding to a shoplifting call at a West Ashley grocery on Oct. 25, arrived at the store, he saw two employees chasing a man through the parking lot with packs of frozen shrimp falling from his pants as he ran.