Drunk O’ the Week:

A drunk patron was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving and when asked to count backwards from 100-89, he said, “100, 99, 98, 97, 98, 97, 93, 89, 89 . . .”

A woman was sitting in her car on Hanover Street when an uninvited man opened the passenger side door and sat down beside her. When the man asked for her name, the woman said, “You don’t need to know my name and you don’t need to be sitting in my car! Get the hell out of here!” He responded, “You don’t have to act like that and you don’t need to come back over here. I got pistols here, and I got pistols there.” It sounds like Dr. Seuss is pissed.

Good Deed O’ the Week Gone Bad:

A woman involved in a car accident downtown was politely assisted from her car by a random onlooker, who then grabbed her purse and ran.

A man walked into a local hotel room as housekeeping was cleaning up, claiming it was his room and that he had decided to stay another night. The maids left the room to tell management, only to return and find that the man had left with the room’s television. He’ll return it once he realizes he can’t get the hotel’s nudie channels at home.

Weapon O’ the Week:

Coffee Pot

The Blotter is taken from City of Charleston police department reports. We’ve added a cartoon and a little commentary. We’ve added a little humor, too. No one has been found guilty. This is not a court of law.