Blotter o’ the week: A man loaded a shopping cart with $300 worth of seafood from a West Ashley grocery store, ran into the parking lot, and sped off in an SUV.

A woman and her friend stopped by a bar for an after-work drink. Her friend had one too many, a verbal altercation ensued, and he walked out of the bar with her iPhone XR.

After paying for a car she found online with a $500 eBay gift card code, a woman figured that something was up when the car’s owner wouldn’t send her an exact pickup location for the new ride.

A City Market vendor had her cell phone stolen while it charged at an outlet near East Bay Street. Whoever took it also ordered $300 worth of food from Uber Eats on her card.

After failing a sobriety test, a man denied drinking more than he usually did and told an officer that he was just trying to go home. When asked how much he had to drink, the man simply said, “I’m sorry,” and stopped answering questions.

After stealing her mom’s credit card, a woman went on a four-day shopping spree that saw her spending $600 at Walmart, $109 at Rite Aid, $11.18 at Chick-Fil-A, and $2.19 at McDonald’s.

An employee at a West Ashley department store was caught on camera stealing a cell phone case, two bags of candy, and other food items. On the same day, the store reported that another employee had been improperly marking down items for her friends, costing the store $102.75 in the process.

A woman was booked into county jail after punching a man in the face at a downtown bar. According to her, the man constantly invades her personal space, and she warned him about the punch before going through with it.

This week in Victoria’s Secret thefts: Two women walked into a store, grabbed a couple of mesh shopping bags, and stuffed them with $1,160.40 worth of merchandise, including 14 T-shirts, five yoga pants, four track pants, a robe, a pink hoodie, and a pair of slides.

Lately, a man has been “hearing voices through the walls and ceilings” threatening to “shoot him.” He told officers he has previously been committed for mental health issues, and he threw a shoe at his adult sister, spit in her face, and tried to spit at an officer before he was taken to the ER.

A man was walking his dog at Brittlebank Park when he came across another man sitting in his car. They began talking about the dog, the state of Washington, and medical marijuana laws. After a while, the man in the car pulled out “dab wax” and generously gave some to the dog walker. Later in the day, the dog walker saw the weed man at a West Ashley grocery store. He took a video of him from afar, went to the police department, and showed the wax and the video to an officer, saying he wanted to “do the right thing.”

A man lost four Social Security cards, three bank cards, his S.C. driver’s license, his immigration work authorization card, and $100 in cash when he lost his wallet on Dec. 13.