Blotter o’ the Week: A tour guide head-butted a City Market vendor after he was told to stop filming near the booths.

Bomb technicians responded to a six pound 18th century cannonball found during construction on a King Street building dating back to 1746. Hashtag Charleston.

A tool stole over $700 worth of construction instruments from a work van on Beaufain Street.

When an employee at a local homeless shelter asked a belligerent guest to go back to her bed, the guest grabbed her crotch and barked back, “no.”

A store clerk at a downtown gas station told officers she wanted to press charges on a dude who stole three beef Slim Jim’s totaling $14.24.

Friendly reminder that the public urination fine in Charleston is $465. For the love of God, just hold it.

A man tried to pay for his drinks with fake bills at an upscale downtown restaurant, though he said he got the bills from his grandpa and didn’t know they were fake. A record search yielded multiple active warrants for his arrest before more fake currency was discovered in his car.

A West Ashley couple assumed the noise coming from their kitchen was just their cats. When the wife went downstairs to check it out, the back door was open and her wallet and its contents were strewn across the lawn, though nothing was missing.

A man had his personal pool equipment stolen from a James Island bar, including a custom pool stick with “Whitey-Mike” engraved in cursive.

A man on King Street was spotted yelling, “Fuck! Why the fuck would you do that?” several times to a woman standing “within reasonable hearing distance.” He was later pulled away from a ground fight with another man and charged with disorderly conduct.

An officer wrote that he smelled “fresh” marijuana. With an adjective like that, don’t bother telling us how you know what weed is.

A man and a woman got up from the benches in Marion Square and began following a man at about 11 p.m. They ripped his cell phone from his belt clip, pushed him to the ground, and dragged him back up. They told him that if he bought food for them at the corner Walgreens, they’d give him his phone back. When he whispered for the cashier to call 911, the couple ran away through the park.

A woman became irritated when a man kicked her flip flop while leaving a downtown bar. The man, rather disproportionately, pulled her hair and punched her in the head and face.

A woman began to think that she might not have been talking to an actual sheriff’s deputy after she read aloud the codes to three $500 gift cards on the phone.