Blotter o’ the Week: A man returned to his apartment one day and found out his roommate had taken some acid. He says the roommate stripped naked, jumped around the apartment waving his arms, and then walked out to the building’s third-floor balcony and jumped to the ground. When medics arrived, they found the naked man standing up. They say he attempted to bite emergency personnel.

Police found a college student stumbling down the sidewalk around midnight wearing what was described as a “prison-style jumpsuit.” When questioned, he was unable to tell the officer his age or how many alcoholic beverages he had consumed. The cop arrested him on a public intoxication charge.

Confusing Flim-Flam o’ the Week: A man told police he contacted someone via Craigslist about “possible spreadsheet work” and worked out an agreement where the man “would receive a check for $1,852 for his work and money to be sent to two orphanages.” He received his $1,852 check, deposited it at the bank, and then wired a total of $1,300 to two different orphanages in Chicago. The bank told him three days later that the check he deposited was fraudulent and his account was overdrawn.

A police officer was patrolling outside some bars late at night when a man flagged him down and asked, “How do I get to Bogard Street?” The officer told the man he needed to take a taxi home, but the man replied, “Nah, I’m good.” The officer placed the man under arrest on a public intoxication charge.

A man called police to report a breach of trust. He said he had loaned his motorcycle trailer to a friend, and the friend had agreed to return it after a year. Five months in, the owner was browsing Craigslist and saw that his friend was trying to sell it.

A man crashed his subcompact car into a parking garage and then fled the scene, driving the wrong way down a one-way street. A police officer driving in the opposite direction pulled over to avoid a head-on collision, and the driver hit the brakes a few feet away and then backed into a street sign. The driver refused to give any personal information while he was being arrested.

EMS responded to a call from a man who said he was stranded and needed a ride to a hospital to meet with psychiatric staff. The man said he wanted to go to MUSC, but EMS workers told the man they could only take him to “St. Francis Hospital” due to a department policy for frequent callers such as himself. The medics had to call police after they saw the man pull a razor blade from somewhere in his wheelchair, place it in his mouth, and tell them he wouldn’t take it out until they drove him to MUSC. They ended up driving him to MUSC, where staff could not find a razor blade in his mouth.

Somebody stole fire extinguishers from four different buildings in an apartment complex.

At a restaurant one night, a man drove his elbow upward into the face of a stranger, breaking his nose, for no apparent reason.

A man says he was clearing his .45-caliber pistol when it fired, sending a bullet through his bedroom wall and into a neighboring apartment. His neighbor got home that evening and found bullet holes in her bedroom door, wall, and window.

Grocery store employees say a man shoplifted $173 worth of steaks in a single trip — and they were not expensive steaks. It’s unclear exactly how he managed to move all that meat without getting caught.

A bouncer asked for police assistance when two women refused to clear the sidewalk in front of a bar at closing time. When an officer told her to move along and stop blocking pedestrian traffic, she said, “No, this is a public sidewalk, and you can’t tell me to leave.” After pleading with the woman to move, the officer writes that he or she gently pushed the center of the woman’s back to get her moving. The woman started yelling that the officer had assaulted her, that she was going to call Mt. Pleasant police, and that she was going to sue the officer. The officer arrested the woman on a disorderly conduct charge after nearly 30 minutes of her refusing commands to leave.

A deaf man told police he met a woman via a dating app on his phone and invited her over to his home. At one point during the night, he left the bedroom to use the bathroom. When he returned, he saw his money box was open and $340 was missing. He confronted the woman about it, and she ran away.

A man tried to open the door to a restroom at a convenience store, but it was locked, so he walked out into the parking lot and peed behind a dumpster. A police officer who had been watching the whole time approached the man and handed him a citation for public urination. The impatient tinkler told the officer, “That guy jumped in front of me, and I had to go.”

A man says his friend borrowed four chainsaws from his garage and then sold them to a pawn shop.

A taxi driver flagged down a police officer to say that a woman had gotten in his cab while he already had a paying customer and demanded that he give her a ride to her car. She refused to get out of the cab until the officer told her to step out. She was wobbly on her feet, and when asked what her plan was for the evening, she said, “To sleep it off in my car. Why won’t you help me?” The officer arrested her on a public intoxication charge, and she screamed, “You have a small dick! I bet it’s only three inches! This is why no one trusts you!”