Blotter o’ the Week: On the way to class one day, a man was stopped by his neighbor, who was yelling and threatening to pistol whip him, according to an incident report. The neighbor then grabbed the student’s backpack and threw it over the balcony of their apartment building. When the student went to retrieve his bag, he turned around to find his neighbor pointing a harpoon rifle at him.

An officer watched as a man sat down on a sidewalk and poured a beer into a red plastic cup. As the officer approached, the man immediately confessed, “Oh man, I’ve got an open container.”

Two shoplifters made off with almost $5,000’s worth of items from a department store, including more than $4,700 in disposable razors, two accent rugs, and $117 in tank tops.

Security footage shows two men spraypainting “Money is Violence” on the side of a building.

A man and a woman began to argue after he called her a “stanky bitch” as she drove by. According to an incident report, he also allegedly threatened to burn her house down. The man was later arrested after he continued to ride his bike past her home repeatedly.

Police were called in reference to an intoxicated man harassing customers and drinking inside of a lingerie store downtown. Employees told police that the man approached numerous women inside the store and offered to buy them underwear. Once outside, an officer noticed the man had a half-empty bottle of wine concealed inside of a shopping bag. When asked by police if he had been drinking, the man urinated on himself.

One woman suspects her maids of stealing from her home. The woman said she noticed the clothes inside her dresser had been moved around and told officers that she is “extremely OCD and knows exactly where things are and how they are folded.” Among the items reported missing are a pair of diamond earrings and more than $200 in cash.

After being removed from a downtown bar for causing a disturbance, an intoxicated man turned around and threw his cell phone at the sign outside of the building before attempting to pick a fight with a bouncer.

After being forced to leave a fast-food restaurant for making inappropriate comments to female employees, a man said he was simply, “Spreading the word of God,” according to an incident report.

Police were called after one woman pulled down her pants, pressed her buttocks against the front window of a building, and began to urinate on the glass.

Police met with a woman who said she had knowledge of a robbery that was going to take place in the next 30 days. According to the woman’s story, her friend overheard several coworkers at a downtown sandwich shop discussing their plan to rob the business. Hopefully, this informant was able to prevent the hoagie heist.

After being removed from a downtown bar, an intoxicated man told a bouncer, “You’re about to be sued for a million dollars.” When asked by police to leave the area, the man sat down in front of the bar and said he wanted to “prove a point.” After being taken into custody, the man admitted to officers, “I’m pretty drunk.” Point proven.

A woman filed a police report claiming her estranged husband was threatening to have her deported. The woman said that three months after their wedding, her husband kicked her out of their home in Texas and gave her a one-way plane ticket to Russia. He then forced her to get on the plane, but she managed to change flights in New York and travel to Charleston.

A man entered a jewelry store and asked to try on a gold ring before he quickly ran out of the store, saying, “I have to go show my sister.” The man never returned to tell employees what his sister thought of the ring.

A woman received a call one day from a man asking for her debit card information in reference to “tax evasion.” The woman was told that she would be arrested if she hung up the phone and provided the caller with her name, address, and credit card information. When the call ended, the woman began to suspect that the caller was not a member of the IRS and quickly canceled her credit card.