Blotter o’ the Week: An argument between two brothers over who would be paying the electric bill erupted into a wrestling match in their front yard. As the two grappled on the ground, one of the men began to bite the other repeatedly on the arms before the fight was eventually broken up.

A father was outside grilling when his disgruntled son threw a handful of hot rice at him before running off. The father was obviously pretty steamed about the whole thing.

A family returned home from vacation to find that a burglar had broken in and stolen eight beers, a video game console, and a television.

While cooking hotdogs, two teenagers allegedly attempted to throw hot grease on two other women who they said had come to their apartment to harass them. This attack did not go as planned, and the two hotdog avengers ended up spilling the grease on themselves.

Security footage shows two men stealing a full keg of beer from behind a Mexican restaurant.

Turf War O’ the Week: A woman suspects that her two former house guests stole all the sod from her backyard after she kicked them out of her home.

An employee at a downtown bar tracked down an officer on foot patrol to report that a heavily intoxicated man had passed out in the bar. The officer found the man being propped up on a bar stool and asked that he call a friend to drive him home. At this point, the man pretended to be speaking with someone on the phone, but his clever ruse did not fool the officer. The man soon became irate when the officer attempted to use the gentleman’s phone to arrange an escort home for the man, and he was taken into police custody.

A man awoke one morning to find the front tires of his car had been slashed and the vehicle had been covered with black spray paint. In addition to these damages, mustard and ketchup had been smeared across the entire exterior of the car.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance and found an intoxicated man hanging upside-down from a neighbor’s fence. According to an incident report, the man explained that his pants leg had gotten stuck as he was attempting to hop the fence. Unable to free himself, the man continued to scream until help arrived.

A young woman walked into her home and found a stranger sporting a man bun as she entered. When asked what he was doing, the man replied, “I am in the wrong house. Everything will be OK” and ran away. No items were missing from the apartment, and the woman’s roommate was upstairs during the entire incident. According to an incident report, the roommate was not bothered by the situation and was in a rush to get to a party.

A woman traveling with her nephew stopped off at a motel room in Charleston to get some sleep. According to an incident report, the woman awoke to find her nephew missing from the room along with her cell phone and her vehicle.

During a routine traffic stop, an officer found a driver with an open beer between his legs and a glass pipe next to him. The man informed the officer that he smoked a little crack earlier in the day, but only because his “workers” were doing so. Damn peer pressure.

A heavily intoxicated man became combative after he was asked to leave a downtown bar. Security was able to detain the young man until police arrived. It was at this point that the man suddenly shouted that he was only 19 years old and he had used a fake ID to enter the bar, according to an incident report.

A woman’s car was stolen after her boyfriend left his friend alone in the vehicle with the keys still in the ignition. The boyfriend told police that even though he has known his friend for four years, he wasn’t aware of his last name. The friend was later found while driving the car, at which point officers discovered the man was also carrying a loaded handgun and an assortment of illegal drugs.