The Blotter is taken from Charleston Police Department reports. We’ve added a cartoon and a little commentary. We’ve added a little humor, too. No one has been found guilty. This is not a court of law.


Blotter o’ the week: CPD responded to a situation in which a young man was having a nervous breakdown in front of his family. The only phrase that the complainant could make out from the verbal commotion was “corn flakes.”

At a King Street hotel, a rowdy group was yelling at the business’ desk clerk about being locked out of the hotel. When they arrived, CPD attempted to calm the trio down. One woman responded, “You are just going to have to arrest me.” Police took her up on that offer when she continued to act belligerent.

After a verbal altercation in a West Ashley restaurant parking lot, one man attempted to run over another man. A witness to the incident told CPD that the victim wasn’t hit and that he retaliated against the offender’s car with “a soccer style kick” after it had driven past him.

A hemp tree, valued at $1,000, was loaded into a shopping cart and stolen from a garden downtown.

Police arrested a man for drinking in public. Afterward, they discovered that Goose Creek PD has a warrant for his arrest for forgery. Steel Reserve Pineapple Hard Cider is known to take your night from bad to worse, after all.

At a James Island superstore, a man picked up two headphones from the electronics department. He used tools found in the hardware department to remove them from their thick plastic packaging. The offender then concealed them under his shirt and left the store before employees stopped him on his way out.

A fight broke out between two men at a school bus stop. The offender claims that the fistfight started because a gun was pulled on him (go figure). Witnesses say that the offender started the fight by attacking the other party with a “long metal painting pole,” and no gun was pulled. The kids probably learned more about life from the bus stop, that day.

A complainant informed CPD that a man was found asleep in front of a downtown business with a firearm by his side and a leopard-print blanket next to him. When police arrived to inspect the scene, they found that the individual’s weapon of choice was a BB gun. It was confiscated and the individual was told that he could pick it up at the police station.

Downtown, a man went to an elderly woman’s residence to try to convince her to sell her land at a very low price. The woman has dementia, according to her daughter. CPD was alerted and told the man not to contact the family.

A downtown vehicle was shot at by an unknown party. After running the car’s ID number, CPD could not find the owner. There are no witnesses to this incident, according to police.