Illustration by Steve Stegelin

This Blotter is taken from reports filed with the Charleston Police Department between April 3 to April 17, 2022.

Blotter of the week: Police approached a downtown man on a park bench cradling a 24 oz. can of Four Loko like a child. When police were within earshot, the man commented that he had been caught again and poured the can out without incident.

Swing, Swing, Crack!
A downtown man was observed stumbling around a parking lot and swinging his closed fists at passersby from a distance as if to strike them while yelling loudly and incoherently. Police later found a pipe with burnt residue on his person. 

Welcome to the Holy City
A downtown man parked his car at the Charleston Visitor Center for a short while, but when he returned to the vehicle, he found his license plate tag had been stolen. 

Misery loves company 
Police responded to a separate incident downtown in which they found a drunken man laying on the ground with a bloodied hand. When they approached him, he told officers he had consumed several beers and would like to go to jail. 

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