Blotter o’ the week: A woman who can’t find the $120 that was once in her closet found a notice on her door alerting her that a work order for rat holes had been completed on the same day she noticed the money was missing, narrowing the field of suspects to only two species.

Officers were flagged down in regard to a man lying on the grass near a sidewalk. He refused to answer when asked what month it was, explaining, “Well that’s what happens when people get fucked up.”

A pregnant woman reported that after getting into an argument with a man and his sister, the man declared, “I don’t want this baby anymore,” and punched her in the stomach multiple times.

A woman used Hurricane Florence as an excuse to dump her kids with their paternal grandmother and never ask about them again. When her mom agreed to take the kids back after the storm, she couldn’t get her daughter to pick them up.

A grocery store employee who has been caught sneaking crab legs in his bag at least twice has been charged with embezzlement.

A man suspected of breaking into an apartment building handed a cop his debit card and told him to “take it all.”

A teenager with a history of running away took advantage of the family’s hectic Hurricane Florence evacuation prep to flee her house yet again.

This week in Victoria’s Secret thefts: A woman (already on trespass notice from the store) and her daughter shoplifted three bags and 10 bottles of perfume. Total value: $905. Two days later, the same woman stole 12 leggings and six jackets. Total value: $1,487.70. Adding insult to injury, an employee found the woman on Facebook, stunting in the stolen goods in several tagged photos.

Someone tried to steal Charleston merch from the Visitor’s Center on Meeting Street.

A downtown man returned home after Florence evacuation to find that someone probably went out of his or her way to intentionally damage his $200 solar panel by snipping the power cord and cutting the frame. This stunt would’ve probably been chalked up to the weather had Florence made a dent in the Lowcountry.

A saleswoman was tricked into buying $200 in Steam video game gift cards after someone claiming to be her boss texted her, addressed her by name, and convinced her that they were gifts for a client.

An e-cig allegedly containing CBD oil fell from a high school student’s right shirt sleeve, raising more questions about his paraphernalia storage tactics than anything else.